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sale by catalog

Work from the comfort of your home or office offering our product catalog to your family, friends and colleagues, your utility is up to 25%, we do not handle any registration fees, the only requirement is that your first order is greater than $330,000 Price Public (Currently only the virtual catalog is handled) consult our Sales Policies in the following link

Wholesale sales

If you are a wholesale distributor or if you are looking for a supplier for your boutique, we are your best option. With us you will find fashion garments made with high-quality inputs and processes.

We can sell you the number of garments that fit your needs, the price is determined by the number of garments you wear

✔️ Between 6 and 12 Units* - 25% Discount 🏷️
✔️ Between 13 and 16 Units* - 35% Discount 🏷️
✔️ More than 16 Units* - 45% Discount 🏷️

*These discounts apply to Unusual Exclusive collection garments (Do not apply to discounted garments)

International deliveries

If you are outside of Colombia and want to distribute our brand, contact us!!! We will provide you with personalized advice on prices and the shipping process. We handle preferential rates for international shipments thanks to our alliance with FedEx.


Personalized advice

Contact us to provide you with personalized advice on our products and services.